The Microsoft SQL Server Report Pack for Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 is a set of 8 Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services reports that work with a sample database of information extracted from a SharePoint Portal Server environment. This database can be populated from your own SharePoint Portal Server environment using the downloadable Data Extraction Program (DEP). The DEP will read the SharePoint Portal Server data via the object model. You also can use the sample reports as templates for designing new reports.
This Report Pack includes the following reports:
  • Storage Report
    Shows a listing of the virtual servers and the number of collections, sites, areas, lists, files and size. Also shows a size distribution and storage usage chart, and a top 20 sites based on size.
  • Storage Trend Report
    Shows four charts illustrating the virtual server storage trend, site collection growth trend, area growth trend and list growth trend.
  • Site Trend Report
    Shows hit counts for virtual servers, collections, areas and lists. Also shows the top 20 sites based on hits.
  • Comprehensive Site Collections Report
    Shows the list of site collections, who owns the collection, configurable characteristics about the owner and the date the collection was last accessed.
  • Detailed Site Collection Report
    Shows top 20 pages accessed (based on hit count) for this site collection.
  • Detailed Page Report
    Shows users who have access to the page, when they last accessed it, any referrer URL and number of hits. Also shows two charts illustrating user distribution and referrer distribution.
  • Best Bet Keyword
    Shows top 20, top 10, bottom 10, or bottom 20 keywords used for searching. Also shows which keywords have best bets.
  • Search Terms
    Shows top 20, top 10, bottom 10, or bottom 20 search terms used for searching. Also shows which search terms match a defined keyword.

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