For a recent project, I had to provide a client with prescriptive architectures for LCS. All they could provide me with for design metrics was a user population range and that archiving and logging was required. With this I developed two LCs sizing scenarios to assist them with determining their proposed Collaboration architecture.
Scenario 1 – Up to 15k of Users
  • One server, CPU 2 Ghz (2), RAM 2GB, Disk 70GB (2) and LAN (2).
  • Partitioning as follows:  OS 20, SQL Application 2, Logs 10, Data 20.
Scenario 2 – Up to 50k of Users
  • Three Web servers
  • One SQL server
  • Hardware load balancer
  • All servers are CPU 2 Ghz (2), RAM 2GB, Disk 70GB (2) and LAN (3)
  • Web Server partitioning as follows:  OS 20, Swapper 10.
  • SQL Server partitioning as follows: OS 20, Swapper 10, SQL Application 2, Logs 10, Data 40

Configuration defaults were accepted with exception to logging and archiving which were to be set to yes.