Overall I’m pleased with the progress of the project…we’ve been able to work very quickly to accomplish the goals outlined by the client. We built custom webparts that extend Class Server and a Web parts that enable teachers to send alerts (i.e. student missing classes or detention) to each other.
Other modifications include:
  • Branding
  • Page modifications for usability
  • Custom page tool web part
  • Breadcrumbs added
  • RSS added
The information architecture includes:
  • Communities of practice
  • Learning object repository
  • Departments – knowledge capture and collaboration
  • Projects – knowledge capture and collaboration
  • News specific to education and local govt.
At this stage, we have a functional gateway populated with content and schools – a starting point. The next step is to orient the pilot group and to then get them using it. With the level of enthusiam communicated by the teachers I’m sure it will be successfull.