I arrived Monday morning (Sydney time, crossed the international date line) after a gruelling 22 hour flight! I generally have trouble sitting for any period greater than an hour.
The first half of the flight was Toronto to San Francisco taking 5 hours gate to gate. A brief stop over to obtain my tickets and walk to the San Francisco international terminal took 45 minutes. The second half of the flight was San Francisco to Sydney taking 14 hours gate to gate. Talk about the flight that never ends!
Staying at the Marriott Sydney Harbor, just behind the famous Opera house. Its quite the view, love cities by the water, its a totally different vibe than inland cities.
The pictures in the photo album are primarily of the area called "The Rocks". Its down by the harbor next to the famous bridge. There is much boat activity for the tours, cruise ships and ferrys taking people to the beaches and zoo.
Look for more pictures of the beach, botanical gardens and zoo in the next week or so.