TOWERSoftwareLogoInformation is an important business asset for all organizations. Management of information is becoming increasingly important in the quest for productivity increases and competitive advantage in the market place. The vast information resources available to organizations must be organized and managed to enable workers to efficiently and effectively do their jobs.

TRIM Context is a single software application developed to manage business information. The system has been developed in accordance with international document management, workflow, imaging and records management standards, to provide your organization with a commercial off-the-shelf solution to its information management requirements.

TRIM Context is based on a holistic view of information, in which the information management system is involved in the management of information from creation through destruction. The information management system must ensure that the information is captured, registered, organized, preserved and made available to all users that need access to the information. Information may be accessed by different groups of users, for different purposes. Therefore, it is imperative that the information system be able to deliver relevant information to each of the user groups in a timely manner. TRIM Context has been developed with these requirements in mind. The system combines elements from virtually every document management technology to ensure that the needs of all user groups can be accommodated.
TRIM Context uses a multi tier network architecture model. This architecture:

  • Reduces network traffic
  • Reduces the effects caused by network latency
  • Reduces the load on the database server
  • Spreads the processing workload
The end result is a truly scalable product that will manage extremely large volumes of records and can be used by tens of thousands of users. How is this scalability achieved? Using three tiers to distribute the work and create a modular system.
The tiers are as follows:
  • Client Tier – Trim client (Presentation and dta manipulation etc.)
  • Middle Tier – Workgroup Server (Proxy of sorts, Manage DB traffic, Document store access, Full text index) and Event Server – Services such as (Indexing and disposition)
  • Data Tier – Data Store (Meta data, busisness rules), Object storage (File System)

As you add users and or locations, you add Middle and Client Tiers. The middle tiers are the key to providing the scalability of the solution.

The following are some additional comments regarding the components and scalability:

  • A TRIM Client application is installed on each workstation. The TRIM Client provides seamless integration between TRIM and other desktop applications (Office Applications, email etc).
  • The connection to the primary database is managed through a Workgroup Server. As additional users are added to a workgroup it is practical to add additional servers to manage the extra load.
  • Electronic objects stored in the system will have a metadata profile added to the primary database.
  • The objects themselves will be added to an electronic store. Electronic stores can be located on the database server, or can be distributed throughout the network (close to users that need access to the items).
  • Textual electronic objects can be content indexed and the Content Index DB will be updated accordingly.
  • To reduce network traffic it is possible to replicate database tables, replicate content indexes and cache electronic objects to the workgroup server. The use of replication and object caching results in users accessing information stored locally and reduces the amount of traffic across the WAN.
  • The Master/Synchronization server ensures that replicated and cached objects are refreshed when necessary.
  • The use of multiple Event Services further distributes the processing load. Audit and billing logs, calculation of retention events, word indexing are some of the activities that can be processed in the background as an Event Service. It is possible to process events on a Workgroup Server. Alternatively, dedicated event servers can be configured to process extremely high transaction volumes.

Look for more blogs on the subject of Trim, I plan to work further with the product in the coming weeks. Visit their site @