About two years ago I heard about Mindmanager, a tool for expressing information visually. I downloaded the demo version and used it for a while and though "what a great tool, I need a copy of this!"
Two years later, I finnally have a copy and cant seem to stop using it. In my business, information overload is a common problem. Compared to "drinking thorugh a firehose" I have to work complex deals, projects and communication ideas, concepts etc…fast and effectively. I’ve tired using Word, Powerpoint and Visio. But, until I started using Mindmanager I didnt realize how inefficient those tools are for taking information with multiple angles or assessment and documenting them so that a team could assess and discuss efficiently.
Mindmanager has several visual queues (markers) for marking information and bringing visibility to it as you see fit. Colored flags, notes and interrelationships are just a few of the tools. The key I believe to to tools success is the way a person can map information visually – in a way the mind can relate.
Beginning with a core topic, you can branch out your thoughts in any direction and add multiple layers of depth and importance to information. You can also establish relationships and dependencies which is great for schedule brainstoring and planning.
The export features are great and offer flat images such JPEG, BITMAP, PDF or more complex such as Microsoft project.