I’m sure that some of you have read a Gartner or IDC report or two in your lifetime. Typically, there studies are referred to often by consulting companies and clients to establish credibility. On the way to Sydney Harbor from the HP office in North Ryde, I had the opportunity to chat with an IDC consultant presenting at the Circular Quay.
Here are some of the key points from the discussion:
  • SOX – records management – strong for next 3-4 years – strong growth.
  • Document mgmt – hot…people just can’t get it right – strong – need help.
  • Portals – hot…people just can get it right. I mentioned User Adoption and he thought it was an interesting approach. Felt most companies under estimate cultural impact and cost.
  • Virtualization – Get to know VMWare and VPC – very strong growth as people maximize investment in hardware.
  • Linux – absolutely huge especially in GEM…will erode low end Unix and windows markets – very strong growth.
  • Development – clients want COTs, use offshore to drive prices down – marginal growth.
  • Managed Services – trend towards in-sourcing again – growth will slow.
Sense of markets:
  • US – risk takers
  • Canada – conservative
  • UK and Australia – conservative

Over the past several years, I’ve based my career on the studies of such companies. Why? They help you to remove the blinders and give you a sense of what’s happening in the industry. If you have the opportunity, purchase a market trends analysis for your region, it will help you plan the direction of your company and or career.