ipaq2210Many companies want access to their Email, Calendar and files while on the road. There are multiple ways of doing so but more commonly PDAs and Tablets are becoming the choice. For a government client in Canada, I designed and deployed a Mobility solution that would enable my client to have access to Exchange and files on the network while traveling across Europe.

The solution consisted of the following components:

The solution utilized HP IPAQs and wireless GPRS network adapters from Rogers. Users would dial into the GPRS network and then login to the Exchange server using Infowave. To synchronize with their Calendars, Pumatech Intellisync is used. If users want to browse files on workstations or servers, they would do so using Motivus. A Motivus server would run on a dedicate machine and using their Administration tools, shares would be mapped to servers and workstations. Users would be able to access the files on the systems through Motivus.

Though I like the solution I beleieve the technology still has a long way to go to become mainstream. The cost and complexity of the device is a barrier, the Blackberry still has its lead.