I’ve been working with the Vista 5270 and Office 12 beta for a week and the eye candy / productivity features are great. For those without Vista, view screen shots of interface at ExtremeTech.
For the most part you will find the look has changed and improvments made througout the OS. For example, the Network Panel now has diagnostic and self help. The security is very interesting, there are two features that stand out:
  • Windows asks for permission to run some applications
  • When installing software, Windows asks for permission to start the new services.

With the new security enhancements, you get a sense that your more in control of of your Windows PC over past versions. There are new applets as well such as Windows Transfer which allows you to connect with other Windows machines to transfer files.

Other noticable changes are IE7 and Explorer:

  • IE7 looks like a mix of Firefox and IE6 and has new features for security such a blockers and phishing filters…oh yes there is RSS support as well.
  • Explorer reminds me of Linux for some reason…perhaps the developers used Linux before going to MS ;)

Office 12 has changed drastically as well, the interace attempts to provide  you with access to advanced features. The IGX (Information Graphics) provides you with the ability to enhance information views using graphics. Another interesting feature is the ability to slipce and dice existing presentations of different formats and style and blend them into one consistent format.

Want screenshots?