I’m glad that I attended the WinFX training in Redmond, this course reintroduced me to WinFX and gave me some further insight regarding the products.
The Atlas technology looks incredible, though I missed the live presentations I was able to review PowerPoint’s and Windows Media recordings of sample sites created with the technology – essentially its an alternative to Flash from an interactive and moving images perspective – you can utilize in your VS.Net projects. Having used flash I will be interested to get my hands on this.
The Communication Foundation (WCF) is a step towards providing a .Net API that developers can use in their applications to manage calls to MSMQ and other communication services.
The Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) looks good although I believe customers should focus on K2.net’s next release code name "BlackPearl".  The team at SourceCode Technology Holding, Inc has created a user friendly front end to their workflow engine (built on WWF) which could take workflow mainstream.  (http://www.k2workflow.com)
Once my new laptop arrives I plan to load Windows 2003/VS (2005) on the spare drive so that I can begin working with ASP.NET v2 and the WinFX Betas.
Read more about WinFX at the following sites: