While in Sarasota working with the School District, I found some spare time to drive up to Orlando for the FETC. The event showcased most if not all the technology players in K12 such as Riverdeep, Plato, Scholastic and a host of others.
What struck me the most was the visual teaching aids from companies such as Platos – Plato Focus Reading and Language Program. Their reading tools use cartoon characters to intruct the student while using the cartoon like interfact to keep the childs attention. Research has shown that such tools improve student results by 15-20% according to research studies. For those that have children and watch Dora the Explorer its very similar. For those of you that have read books by the likes of Don Tapscott, his Growing up Digital strikes a chord when thinking about the implications of new generations and their use of technology. What will their expectations be of the new classroom? Looking into the future, what will their expectations be of the workplace?
The Learning Gateway solution I’m actively deploying in a variety of districts provides a one stop location for teachers, students, parents and administrators. A cohesive and integrated learning/working environment that leverages existing application investments, the Learning Gateway is thee next step for many districts looking for:
  • Adopting tools that engage students and improve student grade results
  • A solution to an overly complex technology portfolio
  • Creating a compelling learning enevironment for students
  • Provide teachers with tools that enable them to spend more time with students
  • Creating communities of practice were educators can work together to share experiences and knowledge
  • Creating online classrooms that allow students to collaborate and parents to query their childs performance
In a few weeks I will be meeting with educators in New York to better understand how the district can make better use of technology and integrated decision making teams to better their ability to deliver education services. Look for future blogs that will share the outcome of the workshops and next steps.