My day at TechED was great, I had the opportunity to catch up with people from previous conferences, meet some new faces and attend some of the conference events.
I worked the HP booth most of the day which allowed me to meet people interested in our hardware and services – yes we do more than just push boxes. Having to leave Tuesday AM for Burbank CA, I had to train someone on the team so they could could take over my demo (eLearning and EDRM) responsibilities.
Luckily Jimi Ibbett (HPs performance and benchmark center) was available to learn the demos and take over for me. For those that dont know Jimi, hes the guy that performance tests products such as SQL 2005 and SharePoint Portal Server on our hardware. The results of his tests and recommendations are published to the HP web site.
The following sample publications:
Currently underway are the MOSS 2007 Beta 2 tests which should be out in 4-5 weeks.