The past month I’ve read three books that really stand out for their visionary themes and prescriptive writing styles.

  • Coaching for improved work performance (ISBN 0-07-135293-7) – great case studies and methods for executing. I use these concepts in my presentations for project mgmt, governance, KM and collaboration.
  • Virtuoso Teams – lessons from teams that changed their worlds (ISBN 0273702181) – How did some of the greats succeed? How did they build their teams? Great example of passionate leaders building teams that pushed the limits.
  • Influencing and collaborating for Success (ISBN 0793195217) – how to discover resources through social networking and other means…within an organization and how to effectively collaborate with them. As with the first book, I utilize these concepts to build cases around various collaboration, KM and social networking tools to boost efficiency and support mobile work forces.

Look for these sort of emails every month or so.