Information-OverloadOn August 17th, Burton group published “The Microsoft Superplatform: Setting the Bar in the Superplatform Arms Race” a report that describes the integrated software stack of products that work together seamlessly to help companies create people and IT efficiencies through simplification, collaboration, social networking etc…etc…The report builds on the theme of support mobile professionals, extending the enterprise beyond the bricks – key themes context, process (workflow) and activity management. Some have said that a companies ability to collaborate seamlessly across business, with business partners and clients is the key to success.

As Microsoft rolls out key products this year and next, it could potentially leapfrog its competitors in the “superplatform” arena, according to a new report from the Burton Group, Midvale, Utah.

“In terms of providing a platform for the information worker, Microsoft has really got it nailed,” said Anne Thomas Manes, vice president and research director at the Burton Group, and lead author on “The Microsoft Superplatform: Setting the Bar in the Superplatform Arms Race.” “Microsoft is the most visionary of all of the [superplatform] players,” she said.

The Burton Group defines the superplatform, an outgrowth of the middleware market, as a tightly integrated suite of products that provides a platform for enterprise computing. The Burton Group also puts IBM, BEA Systems Inc., Oracle Corp. and SAP AG in this category. Of these players, the Burton Group said Microsoft has the most cohesive offering. The main tradeoffs are vendor lock-in and .NET vs. Java.

Interesting quote from Burton, “Microsoft and IBM are controlling the whole future of Web services, and they’re doing it together. They’re totally unstoppable in that regard.” – Anne Thomas Manes Vice President and Research Director, The Burton Group.

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