SharePoint 2007 introduces Records Management as a standard feature and is implemented using a "Records Mgmt Site" template. Recently I setup a VPC so that I could test the functionality in comparison with products like Tower Trim Context and Meridio Records Management. My plan was to setup basic Records Management and a simple confiuration example so that I could demo this to clients.
Working from the DVDs handed out during the Bellevue conference a few months back, I began experimenting and figured out how to make this new site template work. There are a few steps you must follow but once its working its pretty cool. Its not as mature as mainstream products but its a good first pass.
The steps required are as follows for creating a simple demo:
  • Create a Document Library and "Allow Management of Content Types” under Settings.
  • Create a content type for Records under Galleries, Site Content Types.
  • Add the Content Type to new Document Library under Document Library Settings.
  • Create the Records Repository Site following standard steps when creating a site, make sure you select the Records Management Site template. 
  • Create the Records Repository Site Collection under Central Administration.
  • Connect the Records Management Site with your existing SharePoint Site under Application Management/Central Administration/Records repository. Enter the URL to your Records Management site.
  • Create a Document Library in your new Records Management Siteand create a new Document Library.
  • Create a Record Routing entry in your new Records Management Site. Enter a title, Description and the location (URL to your Document library).
  • Create an Information Management Policy. From the Action menu select Settings and “Document Library Settings”. Under “Permissions and Policies” select “Information management policy settings “. Select Define Policy and then click OK. Check Enable Expiration and configure the “Retention period” and “Perform actions”.
  • Submit a Record to the Records Management Site  by right clicking the document and selecting "Send To" and chosing the Records Management site listed.

The Records should be routed to the correct library.