As part of my job I manage teams during the RFP (Request for proposal) process and during projects. Though trained in formal methods and tools, I like to use visual tools such as Mindmanager since their maps are very easy to understand.
To aid in the process of managing the architecture aspect of the RFPO process, I created the following Mind Maps:
  • Kick off –  what to do during the kick off
  • Functional – assessing functional requirements
  • Logical – logical view of the architecture
  • Physical – physical view of the architecture
  • Implementation – implementation view of the architecture
  • Support Requirements – support requirements
  • User Adoption Framework – user adoption framework of key topic areas
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When using these mind maps I utilize formal project management disciplines and documentation formats that aid in the architecture process and team management. For example, some of the key documents are:
  • Team information (Contact, cell, email)
  • Action plan, subject matter experts and accountability
  • RFP assignment matrix and status by artifact
  • Architecture document
  • Risk plan
  • Decision request
  • Communication plan

There are several others used as well depending on the size of the deal, typically large deals require more documentation due to the sheer number of people involved and the risks associated with such a response.