For those who design solutions for the Academic world, the pain of browser compatibility is well understood. Typically, these clients have a mix of platforms that range from new to almost outdated (Hand me downs). SPS technologies are closely linked to Windows and IE and therefore if you run Firefox, Netscape or Safari you end up with some mixed results – usually not acceptable to the client.
The SPS product team posted a blog regarding compatibility Having spoken with Microsoft several time about this I’m pleased to see they listened. I understand the challenge they has was that non Microsoft browsers only represent 4% (as stated by MS) of their install base but when you conside academic institutions alone, they are typicall 50/50 (Win and Mac).
Level 1 browser(s) are IE 7. Level 2 browsers are as follows:
  • Windows – Firefox 1.5+, Netscape 8.1+, Mozilla 1.7+
  • Macintosh – Safari 2.0+, Firefox 1.5+
  • Unix/Linux – Firefox 1.5+, Netscape 7.2+

Some other notes from the blog are:

  • Most context menus are now supported in non-IE browsers.
  • Creating file attachments to list items is now supported in non-IE browsers