What is Excel Services? It provides a server side Excel spreadsheet calculation and rendering service for spreadsheets stored within a Document Library. Using a browser, users can view Spreadsheets and manipulate data.
The following steps were taken from Ted Pattisons Webinar “Getting up and running with Excel Services” available from MSDN.
Create a site
Here you’ll create a basic site that will contain your document library.
  • Central Admin
  • Under application mgmt chose, Create Site Collection
  • Enter a site name
  • Enter your Admin ID as the site administrator
  • Choose a Blank team site
  • When done click the URL to the site
Create a document library
Here you’ll create your Document Library that will use an Excel template as a default.
  • Under site actions, select create
  • Create a new document library
  • Provide a name Spreadsheets
Service activation
Here you will activate the Excel Calculation Service – which I believe is enabled by default.
  • From Central Admin
  • Go to operations
  • Services on this server
  • Make sure Excel Services is started
Trusted File locations
Here you’ll set your Document Library as a trusted location for Excel Services – this is optional.
  • Under Site Admin
  • Add the URL to the Document Library you created.
  • Accept the remaining default settings.
Create and publish a spreadsheet
Here you’ll create and publish a spreadsheet that is Excel Services aware.
  • Open excel
  • Create spreadsheet
    Create the following workbooks; Calc, Sales, Secret
  • For Calc, create:
    • Loan (100,000) – format as $
    • Rate (.075) – format as %
    • Years (30)
    • Payment (formula =abs(pmt(rate/12,years*12,loan)))
  • Name the ranges Loan, Rate, Years
  • For Sales, create entries for sales, east, south, west and North
  • Enter values
  • Create a Pie Chart – accept defaults
  • For Secret, add some secret text you don’t want users to see
  • Select Publish to Excel Services
  • Select Excel Services options button
  • Select Show Sheets tab
  • Deselect Secret workbook
  • Select Parameters tab, select Add
  • Select Loan, Rate and Years (Name ranges)
  • Save to the Document library
View the spreadsheet
Here you’ll view your completed spreadsheet in a browser.
  • Open a browser
  • Browse to the site and the document library
  • Open the spreadsheet