Day two was an action packed day for several reasons; 1) I had to present which is both fun and stressful, 2) the Unified messaging demo and 3) the boat cruise on lake Washington (Bills house is huge).

I really enjoyed the Unified Messaging demo, I believe the “Devil wears Prada” spin really hit home for the attendees. Though the “Napoleon Dynamite” spin off with John Heder from the developer conference in LA last year was cool, the “Devil wears Prada” did an excellent job of showing the value of Exchange 2007 in "real world" scenarios.

The message I was left with could be summed up in a few points:

  • Exchange 2007 is a new animal
  • Unified messaging and mobility is becoming a reality
  • Integrating all the components will require significant expertise
  • The impact to peoples work styles and home life will be dramatic

More so than every, companies require significant thought behind their deployment of new technologies that will impact their employees and potentially be viewed as booth beneficial and disruptive.