This week I’m in Bracknell UK preparing for the first Office 12 boot camp I’m delivering this Tuesday through Friday. Over the past few months, I’ve been tasked with creating an Office 12 boot camp as part of my responsibilities as the Americas People Lead for Collaboration, ECM and Search.
I’ve been working with UK management to define an agenda that will best support the needs of the region and came up with this agenda:
  • Day 1 – Pre-work for the attendees – Office 12 reading and videos that provide background on the products, new features and direction.
  • Day 2 – Pre-Sales – Holden and On Target methodologies are highlighted and an approach to deal pursuit and working with sales is explained. Tools are provided for capturing the details of the deal and determining where the team needs to focus. In addition, requirements gathering, sizing, typical project teams and sample architectures are discussed and provided.
  • Day 3 – Installation – we build a four server farm – SQL 2005, Web Server, and two application servers to divide up the Shared Services. Create two applications to demo multiple channels and sites to demo the variety of templates.
  • Day 4 – Customization – we’ll customize the UI, Create a site, Work with Site level columns, Create Web Parts that reference the APIs, Variations and backup.
  • Day 5 – Self Study – Various conference videos, read MOSS Architecture and Installation guides. Provide student with a VPC (MOSS, Office VS) and a copy of the conference and Tech DVDs.
Monday we’ll setup the classroom and perform final testing…Tuesday is the big day! Further boot camps will be held in US, Germany, Japan and possibly Australia. I expect that once I have two bootcamps under my belt, I should be fairly comfortable with the content and have a nice kit-bag of PPTs and labs.