Day 1 of the bootcamp went fairly well with exception to students having some troubles getting connected to the virtual PCs. The attendees are from all over the UK and have an interesting mix of accents. Being the foreigner, I’ve been told my accent isn’t too bad at least “I pronounce word properly, the yanks mangle words, especially the southerners”.
We covered the following topics:
  • Welcome and facilities overview – nice office!
  • Internal Usage of SharePoint – 8 farms, 200,000 users
  • Overview of MOSS – New stuff and improvements
  • Common designs – Sample designs
  • Pre-Sales – Holden Method
  • Sizing – how to size farms – servers and storage
  • Project teams – typical project teams – who you need on the team
  • Lab Setup – overview of the lab setup
  • Lab 1 – Installing the prerequisites
Though we used screen shots and descriptive text for the labs, we did run into some problems that required us to revise some of the content. Lesson learned – more QA of material in the future!