Louis has posted a high level background research checklist on his site http://louisrosenfeld.com/home/.
In his blog “Background research checklist” dated Apr 13, 2007 he provides a high level checklist of background research documentation that’d help get the client planning and esign on the right track.
Essentially, any project that involving content and information requires a model – Information Architecture to be effective. Image if the phone book wasnt organized the way it was. How would you find phone numbers?
In the case of SharePoint, the following docuemnts are required:
  • Governance Model
  • User Adoption Plan
  • Information Model
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Management
  • Systems Architecture
  • Capacity Plan
  • Operation Plan
As ai said to one client, these dont have to be lengthy documents…they could be one document. Atleast you’ve began documenting your design…think of it as a body of knowledge you can lean on to justify your plan and design.