Having read through several of the Microsoft planning documents and the HP MOSS performance whitepaper from Jimi Ibbett, I relize that one size does not fit all. Clients ask me the same questions over and over but the top questions are:
  • How do I size my environment realistically (Without guessing)?
  • What sort of hardware do I use?
Based on the readings there is a straight forward set of guideliness to follow:
  • Size your servers to support the projected capacity over the next 3 years
  • Use 64 Bit servers for Index and SQL Server
  • Use 32 bit servers for Web
  • Use GB LAN connections between the servers
  • Use GB LAN connections between MOSS servers and the servers to be indexed
  • Estimate your total storage requirements and double it
  • Multiple your storage requirement by 1.3 to estimate your index
Add a 50-100% safety margin and monitor the servers agressively for performance and capacity. Learn from this experience and apply the learnings to your MOSS environment.