Having worked as a mobile professional for almost five years now (this means my office is a jet, airport, Starbucks or beach) I’ve assembled a kit bag of tools that help me work, navigate to clients and airports or wherever my job takes me.
My challenge is planning trips and working from the various locations effectively while mobile. In many cases I’m traveling to cities I’ve not visited in past and know nothing about them. If your relying on cabs for travel and your company offices for network access then your planning doesn’t have to be as diligent. But if your renting a car and jumping from multiple locations and don?t have a company office in the area, that’s a different story.
So, what tools do I use in order of importance?
  • Cell – Sony W810i – works from anywhere and the reception is always clear – I also like the Walkman feature.
  • GPS – Garmin 350 – this has saved me lots of headaches – Google maps are great but I don’t always like the routes Google chooses.
  • Compaq NW8240 – loaded up!
  • IPOD Video – My music collection is diverse!
  • Microsoft roller bag – holds everything and no soar shoulder!
  • Swiss mobilizer luggage – built like a tank and holds a lot of stuff
Aside from the tools I have a great travel agent and online service that helps me plan my trips. I also use Google Earth extensively to get a sense of the city and roads.