AIIM has published great article about SharePoint and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).
AIIM states that…
“In 2006, organizations became much more aware of the need to manage content on an enterprise basis—largely because of compliance concerns. But in consulting with clients over the past year, Doculabs made some rather surprising discoveries. For instance, many organizations are finding that their various “document” systems are being managed in silos, and that these systems have less-thanexpected user adoption. Moreover, these organizations are also finding that they lack hard measures for justifying the impact of these systems on key business metrics.”
Some interesting points that highlight user complaints regarding their experience with ITs deployment of ECM:
  • One size fits all: “Our IT group declared a single enterprise standard tool, but our needs are unique.” Or: “These IT guys are making the solution more complicated than we expected. I’ve talked to vendors that offer out-of-the-box solutions, and I’ve seen them at trade shows.”
  • Limited resources: “The IT group that supports our department is not familiar with ECM, thus we are dependent upon ‘borrowing’ resources from other units or contracting on the outside. Neither has the experience with our processes or application environment.” Or: “We ramped up internally to develop our specific ECM capabilities, but now these resources must be re-deployed to keep our ongoing costs manageable.”
  • Poor chargeback mechanisms: “The cost of just the basic capabilities we need seems extraordinary. We can’t justify that kind of expense, and will find another way to get the job done.” Or: “Our division is going to have to pay 80 percent of the expense associated with the build-out of the ECM infrastructure; every other division will be riding our coat-tails.”
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing IT I’m saying you can learn from other peoples mistakes and highlight the need (within your organization) to work closer with the business.