With the season winding down I look back and say why didn’t I get out more? Each year I say this knowing that I won’t get on the bike again for six months. Yes the season is short here due to our climate and that nasty salt they put on the roads here that eats aluminum.

I can look back on the year and say I did some of my favorite rides along hwy 11 up through Gravenhurst  and hwy 35 and 118 through Muskoka. These are great highways for cruising due to the sights, curves and  and the condition of the pavement. From where I live I can ride the hwy 11 – 35 – 118 loop within 5-6 hours assuming I stop for gas twice and a quick bite.

Getting the bike ready for storage this week, changing the oil, filter and cleaning the air filter etc…I tried a new oil, Motul 7100 10w40 (a full synthetic) and what a difference. I always used the BelRay full synthetic 10w40 but the Motul is definitely the better oil. The sound of the bike idling, clutch feel and power delivery feel different – I know my bike well. Worth the $85 – yes.