When large organizations want to replicate SharePoint content between farms, they can either create a program them selves or manually replicate the content by manually creating the sites and pages. Obviously these two approaches are time consuming and somewhat error prone.

Syntergy Inc. has developed a replication product called Replicator which installs on the SharePoint farms and replicates content that you select.

From the Syntergy Web Site:

Replicator for SharePoint™
This is not a caching technology, but instead is true replication of the content to another SharePoint™ site. No client software is required to be installed.

Keep information current across geographic barriers, collaborate in virtual teams across the country and the world. Syntergy’s Replicator for SharePoint™ supports the ability to define other SharePoint™ servers and create a partnership between them. At the list and site level you can then select specific areas that you wish to replicate and the target location for the replication. By setting up two servers talking to each

According to the Replicator manual, it can replicate Sites, Web Applications and entire Servers. For example, if you have a farm in the US and another in London, you would install Replicator on the US farm and on the London farm. You then activate the license with the key provided and then you setup your replication jobs.

Once installed you go to the administration site and configure Replicator. You wont be able to tell its a third party product – the entire user interface is incorporated in the administration screens of SharePoint – it appears as another feature.

The configuration steps include:

  • Selecting the Web Application
  • Assigning a Replicator name to the configuration (e.g. London)
  • Communication – enabling inbound/outbound
  • Server information – protocol, server address, domain, user name and password
  • Replication Schedule – scheduled or manual
  • Conflict settings – what to in case of a conflict
  • Save

The Replicator administration page contain options for local server settings, configuration, managing Replicator maps and status.

The steps for configuring a replication map include:

  • Under Site Actions select Site settings
  • Under Syntergy Replicator select Manage Replication Maps
  • Select Add Replication Map
  • Enter a name for the map
  • Select Events to monitor (e.g. ListAddItem)
  • Select Add Server
  • Select a Server
  • Select a Destination URL
  • Select available sites
  • Save

The installation and configuration manual are good and provide you with screen shots so you know where to find things and have a sense of context no matter what step your in during setup. Assuming you have both farms within your grasp, you should be able to setup and configure simple replication within a hour – of course this doesn’t include change control and having recent full backups before doing anything to a production system.