I attended the three day SharePoint Search training this week (11/5/2007) in Waltham Mass and must say its worth while for people that want some theory and hands-on.

The course instructor was Martin Harwar here from the UK – he’s been traveling the globe (DC, Atlanta, Beijing) teaching on the subject. He’s also been working with the product team for the past 18 months. If you meet him, ask about his experience in that Texas bar with the Southern blokes and the most northern state question.

Day 1 – Subjects

  • Introduction to the product
  • Enterprise Search Overview
  • MOSS 2007 Walk Through
  • Architecture and Deployment Scenarios
  • Crawl and Query Process
  • Relevance

Day 2 – Subjects

  • The Search End User Experience
  • Search Object Model
  • Business Data Catalog Search
  • Extensibility and Integration

Day 3 – Subjects

  • Administration
  • Security
  • Performance Scalability and Capacity Planning
  • Search Operations

Overall I would rate this course fairly high but developers be careful since development is only covered in a simplistic manner. There are some code snippets and applets you can leverage that give you a taste of the SharePoint object model.