I was presenting in De Moines this past week and one of my colleagues presented on UC. He mentioned that since the beginning (Well almost) phones have had the same buttons 0 through 9, an * and # key. Time for a change?

With the sheer number of laptops and other devices being sold, it would make sense that someday the phone will become much like the phones we see along the highway or on the street corner. When was the last time you used a phone booth? For me it was 1991 because my cell had died.

Early adopters (first 20% of the population) will take to this medium almost immediately and most probably have already been using tools such as Skype for quite sometime. Where the possibilities really begin to take hold is when the remaining 80% of the population get involved. In the end it will come down to the affordability of devices and network to promote widespread adoption.

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