used-car-dealerThe consulting market is full of companies claiming to be in the game but how many actually are? For example, the Microsoft space is fragmented and commodity, its really about the quality of the resume and references.

As a customer, how do you spot a loser company? here are some tall tell signs that you have a loser at the other end of the table:

  • They tell you “they can do everything” – If they can do everything they are good at nothing.
  • We are the best – best at what? – Prove it with references – ask for 5 our more.
  • They sub contract the work – Why pay 30-40% markup for someone you could hire yourself? This is also a sign that they have not staffed for this area – they are not committed!
  • Their contract makes them accountable for nothing – Lengthy wordy contracts whereby you have all the accountability and risk.
  • Used car salesmen – Need I say more.

You have many choices, why deal with a loser. The consultants within a services company are the companies value, deal with companies that respect and retain their consultants. Also, cross reference the resumes with the references they provide.