Having a look at the stats for my site and my blogs about backup have the most traffic. Second are my pictures of Australia. So this blog will cover one of the many products I’m working with that will help operationalize SharePoint 2007.

According to Avepoint:

DocAve 4.1 Backup, the industry’s first true item level backup solution for Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007, offers fast, flexible, real-time backup and full-fidelity restore for all Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies.

It provides customers with 24×7 fault-tolerant SharePoint environments by protecting organization’s collaboration efforts against destruction. Whether it is complete hardware failure, a virus that destroys the SharePoint site, or individual file corruption, you can quickly restore your SharePoint environment at the site, sub-site or item level.

The installation of Docave is very straightforward, install the backup server engine and then the client on the SharePoint server. The instructions provided by Avepoint are very detailed and provide screen shots so that you are able to follow step by step.

I used my lab for the testing which consists of the following servers:

  • Domain controller
  • SQL Server 2005
  • SharePoint Server 2007
  • Live Communication Server 2005
  • Exchange Server 2003

The user interface is web based, you simply open a browser, enter the URL and login as Admin. You create your job (Select from site or item level backups), save it and then schedule it to run. By default Docave will backup to disk and will create a series of files similar to the SharePoint backup.

Though simple to install and use, disk storage and network planning will be required to make sure you have the capacity and speed required to backup during your window of availability – per you SLA. Avepoint states the recovery speeds are as follows BUT depends on your backup and network infrastructure:

  • Site collection backup – 200 GB/HR
  • Item level backup – 100 GB/HR
  • Site collection restore – 175 GB/HR
  • Item level restore – 30 GB/HR

Note that restoring documents may only take seconds.

Believe it or not, many very large organizations I speak with are simply using their existing Windows/SQL Server backup infrastructure to backup the content databases – speed and cost are the top priorities.

Want more info? See Avepoint