The list doesn’t surprise me at all. Most clients I speak with are rationalizing their data centre and IT complexity issues and centralizing/virtualization is at the top of their list. Unified communications will help reduce costs and again simplify the data centre – this is a subject I find interesting. I shared a cab in Sydney with an IDC consultant and we had a chat about some of their research – their message was the same.

From a SharePoint perspective, its now infrastructure and companies will finally begin to leverage it to surface data, integrate applications, consolidate and deploy new. Consulting companies will need strategies for services that go beyond basic installation and silly branding exercises.

In summary, unstructured data is growing out of control, new ways and tools are required for capturing and categorizing. Companies have too many applications, they need to consolidate and leverage existing investments. In parallel they must clean up their aging data centres and deal with the realities of day to day.