For those that work with SharePoint the upcoming event in Seattle is the place to be in 2008. I attended the 2006 conference in Bellevue and had a great time. Several of my colleagues from around the world attended the event so we had a great time at the event and the various events the venders sponsored. There was also an event at the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project that was cool. The science fiction display there is interesting as well for those who lick seeing old props. Check out the Webcam while your having your coffee or beer. This time I plan to arrive Sunday so that I don’t miss the key note – last year I didn’t book my flight early enough!

This year the event is downtown Seattle which is a great place since there are several restaurants and bars to hang out at and share war stories. The last time I stayed there was back in 2003 when SharePoint Portal Server 2003 airlift was held there. Check out this link for more information about Seattle.

For more information, here’s some links:

The keynotes should be great, I hope that Bill has created another video such the one he did with John Heder of Napoleon Dynamite fame that debut at PDC 2005. View the spoof.