I just completed a read of the book authored by Philo Janus (ISBN 1590597303) and overall its a great book for someone that wants to know more than the product. The book provides great product overviews, gotchas and labs for you to learn concepts.

Increasingly my clients are asking about forms solutions and specifically InfoPbath 2007. Most of my clients have deployed SharePoint 2007 technologies and are now at the stage of trying to leverage their investment further using forms, workflow’s and application integration.

Lets face it, forms are a problem, we all have to work with them, we all have trouble figuring out approval chains and we often have forms returned because of missing (incorrect/typos) information. These data quality problems and and process ambiguity issues lead to additional administrative costs business process hiccups. In the end these problems hold up expense reimbursements for employees and service delivery for clients to name a few.

By documenting forms and their workflow’s, companies can save money, time and reduce headaches. Adopting InfoPath 2007 and leveraging existing investments in SharePoint 2007 Technologies companies can establish a great platform for digitizing key business processes involves forms.

So how would you accomplish this? You require consultants that can:

  • Standardize business process – I see to many companies that have multiple forms and process that overlap due to legacy (M&A) business process.
  • Document forms and workflow’s – document the forms, design usability and document the workflow’s.
  • Build and operationalize the solution – maximizing the solutions adoption (asset utilization) will be key to the CIO. Governance will be key to facilitating this!

Great book Philo!