Day two began with a walk to the Washington Conference Centre through the park which saved us about 5 minutes over taking the streets. Once there we had breakfast at the centre around 8:00 AM and we caught up on events from Day 1. Still jet-lagged, a few coffees later I was ready for a day of breakout sessions.

The breakout sessions I attended were as follows:

  • From Chaos to Corporate Governance, 10 Steps to Success – Joel Oleson and Brian Cook – Rated B. Great presentation but was missing examples of governance frameworks and decision responsibilities and domains – see my recommended reading ‘IT Governance: How Top Performance Manage IT Decisions’.
  • Business Context: Defining Holistic Strategies for Content, Collaboration and Search – Kyle McNabb Forester – Rated A. This guy nailed it, this technology is about people and helping them achieve – understanding how people work is key to getting value from SharePoint Technologies.
  • Virus Scanning and Content Filtering WSS and MOSS with Forefront – Mathew McDermott, Noelle Mendez, Jonathan Wynn – Rated C.
  • Igniting MOSS 2007 for Rich Media – Mark Kashman – Rated B. Nice demo of Silverlight IMM solution.
  • Easy Jet Case Study: SharePoint as an Information Platform and Intranet – Andy Caddy – Rated A. Great demo and real examples of how SharePoint delivered value and helped save money.

After the conference we took a bus to the Museum of Flight – See my photo album for pictures of the planes. I also waited in line for an hour and a half for the flight simulator – what a blast! It was such a wild ride that I have bruises on my shoulders from the four point harness. Vertical roles, loops and inverted flight. After this event we met Infonic at Rock Bottom (Local Brewery) and played pool until midnight.

Check out the my SharePoint Conference Pictures – I’m updating them each day.