The week flew by! Here it is Thursday, the last day of the conference.

Looking back on the week, I must say I’m impressed by the turnout of both attendees and venders. Just under 4000 people from all over the world attended this conference which gives you a sense of the products momentum within the industry. The vender community also had a strong showing as the area was full of displays by K2, HP, Mindsharp, Avepoint, Metalogixs and Interse to name a few.

The breakout sessions I attended were as follows:

  • Manage the Data in Your Database Using Data View Web Part… No Code Needed! Asif Rehmani(MVP) – Rated A. I’ve never liked FrontPage but I know SharePoint Designer has some great features from a power user’s perspective to create workflows and data views. On the down side it’s an IT person’s support nightmare.
  • MOSS 2007 Content Publishing and Deployment: End-to-End Publishing from Authoring to Production – Tyler Butler – Rated B. Most the clients I work with use SharePoint for collaboration, search and application integration. Few are using it for Web Content Publishing since most organizations have large investments in their public sites. This session made me realize that I must start looking into this area in more depth.
  • Simple and Secure Extranet Collaboration Using SharePoint – Bill Canning – Rated A. External collaboration is very popular and ADAM is the way that most large companies go. The demo of the product was great, it showed how within an hour or so you could be up and running with a basic external collaboration environment for partners, customers or suppliers (To name a few).

At the end of the day we met at the lounge in the Crowne to compare notes on the various tracks we attended. We all agreed that MOSS is such a complex product you have to carefully pick the spots you want to play in. After the Crowne we took a cab to the Space Needle and hung out there for an hour enjoying the view and a latte – check out my pictures of the Conference.

From there we had a short walk back to downtown Seattle and had a beer (I had the pea-shooter ale) at the Rock Bottom pub. Around 6:30pm we took a cab to the Metropolitan Grill for dinner, I’ve not seen steaks so thick before, these were huge and great tasting. After seeing the bill I wish I’d gone to PFChangs instead!

To finish the evening we all walked back to the Crowne and met up in the lounge to have a drink and talk about out next destination (For me it was home). For one of my colleagues it was home and then off to Belgium.