Today I gave my car a quick going over and fired it up for the first time this year. I had forgotten how noisy it was and the smell of straight through exhaust. The old muscle cars remind of how far pollution control has come in 35 years! Try standing behind a big block with no pollution control while its warming up, your eyes water and then you begin feeling light headed.

What attracts me to these cars is what they stood for, raw power, fun and some insanity. Imagine that people drove these things as daily drivers!

Here is a picture of my car, there is a site dedicated to these cars:


What your looking at is 1960/70s Aerodynamics, designed in a wind-tunnel and built using standard bodies with parts made by Chryslers special parts suppliers at the time. The aluminium wing is designed to prevent over-steer and force the rear down. The nose is made of steel and is designed to reduce drag and push the front of the car down. Ever see a car lose its ground effects? They lift off! Chrysler also replaced the factory rear window with a fastback version to reduce drag at the back of the car.