I was in Boston this week conducting a briefing on Vista and Application remediation. The briefing covered design, planning, tools and best practices to name a few topics. This was the first such briefing I’ve given on the topic though I’ve worked with the product since first seeing it at the PDC 2005 held in LA. Were you there? Microsoft handed out “The Goods” which consisted of a black case that contained 4-5 DVDs containing their Beta software for Office and other related products.

Aside from typical desktop OS upgrade challenges, Vista is plagued with the slick new interface that is very usable once you learn your way around and application and hardware compatibility. Some of you may say, “What is this guy talking about, plagued!!!”. Well a few clients have said that average users (what ever that means) are having to go through a huge learning curve to get up to speed on Vista and Office. They have trouble working with the new menus. I can understand the concern, most people are overworked and stressed and to introduce change (more stress) it creates push back and IT gets a slap as a result.

So how do companies get around the problem? Not without difficulty. Lost of design, planning, comprehensive toolset’s, testing and a well equipped (and patient) project team.

Microsoft has updated their BDD kit that can be found on the Windows Vista Tech Center site. Though a good starting point its missing several key areas that must be addressed by organizations in order to be successful.