What a hectic few weeks, last week I was in Boston presenting on Vista and this week I was in NJ working on a content management project (for lack of better words). Yesterday and today has been a whirlwind of last minute planning and preparation to make sure this trip goes smoothly.

First a trip to the book store for a book on the ‘Top 10 things to do in Munich’ and then some browsing on Google Earth to get a sense of the area. I’m staying at the Hilton which is a few minutes north east of Munich next to the Munich Park.

Next to get my presentations finalized and have a planning call with my co-presenters. I’m presenting on two topics and participating in a few whiteboard discussions surrounding SharePoint, Content Management, Tower Trim and selling these sort of solutions properly!

The first presentation will cover:

  • How to engage
  • Identifying the need
  • Scoping the opportunity
  • Best practice
  • Common roadblocks

The second presentation will cover:

  • Overview of content mgmt
  • SharePoint overview
  • Tower Trim overview
  • Sample architectures
  • Case studies

Lastly, remembering to pack everything! I travel a lot so I’m pretty good at packing but there’s always those last minute things. To avoid those ‘last minute things…’ I pack the day before and then check again the day I leave, this process seems to help quite a bit.

I will blog and post pictures of Munich for those that are interested in the area.