After an eight hour flight (AC 846) I arrived in Munich at 10AM (4AM EST). Having flown to Australia and London a few times the flight didn’t seem to be that long. I did bring a book I’ve been trying to finish, my PSP with my new game (Tiger Woods Golf 2008) and, my Video IPOD.

About four hours into the flight I tried to catch some rest, I sort of slept for a few hours but the noise was getting to me – time for a pair of the Bose noise canceling head phones.

As I sit in the lounge at the Hilton, I’m sending pictures to my family and catching up on email. The surroundings are great, the Double Express and Apple Strudel really hit the spot.

I took a walk through the Park which helped wake me up. As I walked past a beer Garten I was tempted to sit and enjoy a pint but thought it might wipe me out. Though a cool 7c, lots of people are out walking around and cycling – a nice treat given the long winter we’ve had in Canada. Yep, I like this City.

Later in the evening we strolled downtown to Marienplatz following Ludwigstrasse from Thieme Strabe down to Kaufinger Strabe – nice walk. We stopped at a local restaurant for a pint and dinner (I had the Wiener Schnitzel). After that we took a cab back to the hotel since it was cooling off and dinner was heavy!

As I make my way around town this week I will post more blogs about the conference and post pictures of Munich as well – I plan to get lots of sightseeing and cultural activities in while I’m here.