During day three we covered CM strategy and tools mostly. There were several great presentations delivered by people from Germany, Egypt, China and the UK to name a few. It was interesting to hear about the different cultures and the different challenges each of them face selling and delivering CM based solutions.

As I watched the presentations I worked on my presentation for Wednesday. My presentation topics were:

  • Collaboration – defined, business value, cultural impacts etc…
  • Technologies – our products, Microsoft and third parties
  • Lessons learned – too many to list here…
  • Case studies – two of my customers which remained anonymous

During the morning as I introduced myself to some of the attendees and one of them looked very familiar. After speaking with him for a few minutes, he mentioned that he lived in Toronto several years ago before moving to the UK. Then he mentioned that he worked at SHL. So it turns out we both worked at SHL for a year or so before leaving for my job at HP. What’s the chance of meeting someone you worked with ten years ago in a country almost half way around the world?

At the end of the evening we decided to visit the Hofbrauhaus in downtown Munich.