During day four we covered case studies and wrapped up the conference. There were several great presentations delivered by my coworkers from the UK and I also presented representing North America.

For dinner we strolled downtown through Munich Park and had dinner and drinks at Bachmaier Hofbrau where the football (Soccer) game was playing on TV – it was packed! Over drinks, we had some interesting discussions about the future of the company, the conference, life and being in Munich.

At the end of the evening we all walked back to the Hilton and a few of us wrapped up the day at the Lounge to discuss the week, survival tactics at the company and, again pondering the meaning of life (Too much wine? Yes!).

I had a great time there, Terry and Joe did a great job of coordinting the event. I have taken some great videos of the streets and places we visited, see my sky drive for the pictures and videos.