donkey2More often I’m hearing about SharePoint deployments with performance problems and recently one that is crashing! These aren’t my projects of course ;)

During a call with the client I was shocked to hear the consultant state that SharePoint was a black box – SQL maintenance wasn’t an issue. Hmmm…the last I heard SharePoint was a N-Tiered .Net/SQL application.

The problem? SQL Server…poorly maintained and architected. The solution? Get a DBA and an Architect that knows what they are doing – knows service management and capacity planning etc.

Some reading:

As you read the links you will discover that SharePoint uses Clustered Indexes which DBAs know become a performance hinderance in large environments. Improper formatting of SQL disks at SAN and OS level, SQL auto growth set incorrectly, not using 64k blocks, over provisioning SAN etc…it all add ups.