While at Airports I often try to make use of my time while having a coffee of a pint. Lately I’ve been skimming through TechNet looking at articles specific to SharePoint, SQL, InfoPath, Groove and some others.

With more companies using SharePoint for their Web Presence, the article ‘Plan security for an external anonymous access environment’ caught my attention. The article covers:

  • Protect back-end servers
  • Configure anonymous access
  • Secure the Central Administration site
  • Secure content deployment by using SSL
  • Disable incoming e-mail
  • Use lock-down mode
  • Secure design checklist
  • Plan security hardening for server roles
  • Plan secure configurations for Office SharePoint Server features

Some great advice is offered which should be followed up with rigorous testing. Read more here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc263468.aspx#section6