Is a move to 64 bit MOSS compelling? It could be if your environment is large and/or complex. I work with a variety of organizations, mostly medium to large with large being multi-national organizations with 50k or more employees, some reaching 100k plus. Unlike medium organizations that usually deploy a medium farm and carry on, the larger organizations generally take a more complex route. Why? Here are the reasons:

  • Multiple continents to support
  • Sheer volume of data
  • Application integration
  • Administrative islands
  • Politics

The first quick win for 64 bit that comes to mind is the indexer since its generally the bottleneck on the farm. More horsepower will help with faster indexing assuming the network and storage are performing. The other benefit that comes to mind is being able to scale the WFEs. Specifically, the number of applications since each has its own worker process which consumes CPU and RAM. In small environments this isn’t so much of an issue. But, if your trying to service many business units that want their own application (for what ever reason) and IT doesn’t want multiple farms (Tiered service level offering) due to costs (Operational and initial capital), 64 bit might be for you.

HPs engineering group in Nashua benchmarked 32bit and 64bit machines and found there wasn’t much of a difference using vanilla configurations. Perhaps the 64 bit code is fully optimized? So when building your case for 64 bit do your research and test to substantiate your choice.

I’m sure this topic would result in some good discussion over a few pints.