A recent transaction on eBay had me thinking about the quality of information available on the Internet.

Having to update my Garmin with the 2009 maps, I searched eBay and found a local shop (eBay Vender 1000goods) that sold maps. Instead of downloading over the Internet from Garmin (Takes forever) I thought I could purchase the update on DVD and save some hassle..wrong! The eBay vender was selling product that was already registered (Used and therefore useless) and thought it was okay to do so (Is this an eBay Quality issue? I think so, shame one eBay).

After purchasing the DVD and trying to install the update, the Garmin update manager reported that the activation code was in use by another device. Okay, I’ve been ripped off! I called the eBay seller (1000goods) and asked for help, they said buyer beware. After an exchange of four letter words I hung up and gave the seller a bad review. He had the nerve to say I was rude! At the end of the day I’m out $50 and had to buy a download from Garmin for $75.

Immediately, I thought of this…

Back to blogging, can you really trust blogs for information? Is the information accurate? Have a guarantee? I’ve run into clients that have reviewed blogs and accepted them as the definitive truth. Compare Blogs to books, books have a publisher, they are accountable for the quality of the book which suggests the content has some quality behind it and can be trusted.

So how can you make sure Blogs are of any quality? Perhaps they might be associated with a company such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle or HP. Or perhaps there is community and you have met the person at shows or conferences (Such as the SharePoint conference) and these entities reference their Blogs sites on their Web Site. Does that certify their accuracy?

To manage Blog quality will issues arise that force some sort of certification for Blogs? A stamp of approval? Technorati offers some suggestions for creating quality blogs – more about structure than anything else.

It will be interesting to watch Blogging mature over the coming years.