As I sit in a lounge at the Marriott in Calgary, I look back on 2008 and wonder where the time went. As I always do each year, I look back and realize I didn’t have my bike out enough and didn’t golf enough as well (Only twice). Redeeming some Air Miles and vacationing in Florida for a week of golf and beaches is tempting.

The SharePoint conference back in March was great, held in Seattle this year we were able to enjoy the downtown setting (Pics here). On this trip I finally had the chance to visit the Space Needle and have a Latte on the observation deck. Hung out with Paul, Sandy and some others – a nice change from being the lone gun on most of my trips.

The ECM conference I presented at in Munich was an incredible experience (Pics here), met some great people. Working in Jersey I made some new friends and gained a different perspective on my role within the company and reputation I’ve worked hard to build.

This year we lost some key people from the practice that greatly impacted us (Lost talent, mindshare etc…) as they chose to move on for a variety of reasons.  Some went to other companies, took some people with them and some started their own with others.

The SharePoint community lost a great contributor – Patrick Tisseghem. I attended one of his presentations in Seattle, very good presenter, passionate about what he did.

My eldest daughters Christmas list will probably put me in the poor house but she’s worth it – they know me by first name at Toys r Us.

As I make a career change this month, I hope that the new management and organization has a common sense approach to business that will facilitate the success of the team – fingers crossed.

And finally, if the holidays are getting you down, rent Tropic Thunder – you wont regret it.