Recently I wrote a review for the Syntergy Replicator for SharePoint which provides inter-farm replication services for MOSS 2007 and WWW v3.0. For those that have used the Content Publishing feature in MOSS 2007 I don’t have to elaborate on how unstable it is to administer and sustain. Finicky administration, jobs fail and log strange errors, replication is slow etc. Venders such as Syntergy have brought their replication experience to SharePoint to provide an alternative.

The installation and configuration manuals for the Syntergy Replicator are well written and provide you with screen shots so you know where to find things and have a sense of context no matter what step you’re in during setup.

The Replicator user interface matches SharePoint’s look and feel to help reduce the learning curve of administrators. Assuming you have both farms within your grasp, you should be able to setup and configure simple replication within an hour – of course this doesn’t include change control and having recent full backups before doing anything to a production system.

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