Reading this whitepaper (Authored by Joseph C. Pucciarelli September 2009) is a sanity check for me in that it confirms that what my clients are communicating to me and what I’m conveying as a get well Roadmap is dead-on!

The traditional approach to leveraging IT within the business and governing its effectives and ongoing management doesn’t work. I have lost count of the number of occasions where clients have told me “That won’t work because….”. Then when I dig deeper, the client and I find that the organization lacked governance (Business and IT – not just IT on its own), a realistic roadmap, enforced data policy, user education program, proper funding and staffing – the list goes on and on.

The section I honed in on the most was the ‘Future Outlook: How Business and IT will Transform’. According to IDC, a wide range of new technologies are on the horizon:

  • Forthcoming second-generation ERP systems that will fix the single most frequently cited complaint about first-generation systems — their lack of flexibility and changeability
  • Tools to manage, analyze, and apply unstructured data such as video (IDC estimates that by 2012, the end of the planning period, 76% of enterprise data will be unstructured data — challenging traditional, file-based analysis tools.)
  • Expanded application of benchmark data and process models to improve enterprise process measurement and execution of “soft skills” or internal processes

From a Microsoft perspective, Balmers key note at the SharePoint 2010 conference drives this home. He talks about how the workplace requires greater levels of efficiency and agility.

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