What a year!Stratocaster with Floyd Rose

Each year I look back on what I accomplished, events and set goals for the next year. Last year I joined a rock band since I really missed playing. As a five piece band, we’ve assembled a great set of songs – new and old. We are playing VH, Rush, U2, Finger Eleven, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers and a host of oldies from the 60s and 70s. I put a few hours in a day working on songs and doing exercises to build speed and  accuracy.

On the home front I built a backyard play set for the kids, lots of fun, my backyard will never look the same. Its one of the plays sets that takes a week or so to assemble properly. I will never forget moving a ton of gravel from my driveway to the backyard in the rain – 15 trips in total!

I had the bike out several times this year but didn’t have an opportunity to ride my favorite route – Highway 35/118. Mostly back road cruising and trips to the parents house. In 2010 I’m getting to 35/115!

WhistlerFrom a travel perspective, there were some great trips to Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Whistler and Las Vegas. Each was a memorable experience, Stuttgart and Whistler were my favorite trips this year. Especially the drive up to Whistler – except for the traffic in Vancouver.

From a work perspective I moved into the software group focusing on Information Management and Governance.  With HP exiting consulting and divesting of their Microsoft practice I decided to try this position before looking externally. Many learning’s from this but most notably the consulting and product mindsets don’t coexist well – they are at complete odds with each other and a ill-conceived business plan doesn’t help. Different approaches across the board most notably the approach to dealing with the clients opportunity/problem, sales cycle and staffing. Product companies don’t understand that consulting is a people business – requires bench strength (skills, references, IP etc…) that is marketable. Clients wont tolerate flying an expert from the other side of the globe at twice the rate and expenses when they have many consultants to select from that are in their own city. Also, product companies have a 2-4 week sales cycle and services can be 6-24 months+ – they just cant get their heads around that. The other is the approach to dealing with clients, with consulting your focused on understanding the clients situation and applying experience, talented people, methodologies and your companies resources to bear in order to make them successful. With the product approach, your pushing product features, comparisons and your value proposition to deploy licenses.

In 2010 I plan to spend more time focused on the band and enjoying life outside of work and up the pace for the job hunt. Working like a dog all the time for asshole managers just isn’t a good thing.